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De Recife a Manaus (2011)
For GP Quartet

Original for symphonic band.

Formation: Acoustic guitar, double bass, piano and drum set.

Um Simples Sorriso (2011)

Extracted from the theatrical play Viagem à Terra.

Formation: Acoustic guitar duo (beginner students).

Noite Vazia (2010)
For Tati Marazzo

Formation: Soprano, Bb clarinet and acoustic guitar.

Papo Furado (2010)

Arranged in 2011 for guitar quartet (original for regional de choro).

Formation: Acoustic guitar quartet.


Manto Negro (2009)

Formation: Flute and string quartet.



Prelúdio Modal (2006)

Extracted from Alzheimer – 2º movimento (Modo Fantasioso). Original for string quartet and arranged in 2012 for beginner students.

Formation: Acoustic guitar quartet – beginner students.


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