Participation in the 13th AES Brazil Conference

I had the great pleasure of having a conference full paper approved at the 13th AES-Brasil Audio Engineering Conference occurred from May 26 to 28, 2015. This congress was part of the 19th AES-Brasil National Convention in the Yellow Pavilion of the Expo Center Norte (São Paulo / Brazil).

The paper title is Projeto e Construção de uma Interface Gestual para Improvisação Livre  (Project and Construction of a Free Improvisation Gestural Interface) and has as co-authors Prof. Marcelo Wanderley and Prof. José (Tuti) Fornari.

Here is the paper translated abstract:

The use of gestural interfaces in the performance of mixed electroacoustic music is an important developmental front of contemporary music. The interaction between algorithms and performers has helped a significant number of artists to explore and transcend some boundaries of musical performance; As well as promoting distributed interaction and remote cooperation of interpreters in social networks of multimodal performances. This work presents a study with free improvisation sessions were performed using gestural interfaces controlling algorithms created in open-source software. The construction of the device, as well as the practical implications of using a specific enhanced instrument (AI) in free improvisation sessions are presented, described and discussed herein.

This paper was presented by me during the congress Paper Session # 02 and both the conference proceedings and the conference paper can be accessed using the provided links.